Tunit Diesel Performance

About Tunit

The Principle

Tunit provides an efficient and adaptable method of enhancing a vehicles performance (power and torque) without the need to alter the vehicles original equipment or programming. The advantages of the Tunit are; adjustment for optimum efficiency (both manually, by the customer and electronically, via a PC by a distributor), flexibility, as in movement from one vehicle to the next and ease of installation. The principle of Tunit is to provide all these advantages that previous methods of tuning such as EPROM replacement and "flashing" or OBD tuning could not. The Tunit performance product carries an extensive three year warranty, part exchange program and after sales service.

Tunit Diesel Performance

The Diesel Tunit has been forged from many years of experience to bring a world class unbeatable range of diesel performance solutions. Tunit covers 1000 vehicle and diesel engine applications and is available through our network of International Tuning distributors, dealers and agents, offering professional installation, sales, service and after sales.

Tunit posseses many advantageous features not seen in other tuning solutions such as chips, eprom serial reprogramming (flashing) or other types of fixed map devices. It is interchangeable between vehicles, able to be upgraded and part exchanged for other types of Tunit. External to the ECU or `Plug and play` as it is often called means no interference with the original manufacturers engine equipment. Its option to adjust power and performance provides easy manual adjustment for the novice or finer electronic alterations for the more dedicated tuner. Tunit is backed up by an outstanding after sales service, part exchange program and class beating three year warranty.


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